Our partner ecosystem

Isn’t it a joy when you get to work with people who share the same fire in your belly as you? 


We love partnering in an ecosystem with other companies that share the same values and beliefs as us.  All our partners are experts in their field and partnering with them really enables us to create and design learning programmes with a difference.  Please let us introduce you to….

The Horse Collective

Don’t be misled by the company name, The Horse Collective aren’t going to teach you how to ride a horse but instead they have created a unique, insightful and memorable learning experience. 

They coach clients, but what’s different about their coaching setup is that we use horses.

We know, it sounds random.

They use horses because they don’t judge.  They don’t care who you are but what they do care about is whether you can keep them safe.  They react to what you bring on the day.

We partner with The Horse Collective to provide an alternative way to coach, for innovative team builds and for people to practice new skills immediately enabling them to test reactions on the spot. 



FISION are a creative agency which specialises in creating events and projects with innovation at the heart. 

Why do we partner with them?  They are experts at bringing content to life by creating immersive learning experiences with a difference.

Partnering with them enables us to cater for small and large scale events where high impact and personal change are the pre-requisites. 


The Well+ Group

The Well+ Method™ will maximise the health of your people and your business. It’s flexible, measurable and will deliver results. We partner with Well+ to help you create a healthy culture that is resilient and join the dots with your existing HR plans, including your wellbeing offer to integrate it all across your business.


The Well+ approach complements our focus on your people.  Your people are the heartbeat of your organisation.  They are the ingredient that makes success happen.  Get this right you’ll see the magic unfold. 


FIP Consulting

Customer service is increasingly becoming the key differentiator when making a purchase. Investing in high quality customer service can help you outshine your competitors, bring customers back for repeat business, build employee engagement and develop an excellent reputation.  FIP Consulting Ltd provide range of services that help you to imporve your customers’ experience including customer journey mapping, tailored workshops and customer surveys.